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This blog brings insight about the Brazilian Software Industry. You can get to Brazil in a 8 hours flight from Miami, find 6000 new phds's each year and participate in a US$ 10B digital industry. Many companies have been making millions of Dollars in positive NPV projects. It's time to consider Brazil as an option for your software needs.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Brazilian Software is here

Picture above is of Sao Paulo, our biggest city.

We have more than 10 cities with more than one million population and similar infra-structure.

Hello everybody,

This blog goes to software professionals in Brazil and USA.

Our vision: Brazil as a major exporter of quality software.

We are looking at US$ 2B in annual exports each year...that's our goal.

This will enable many companies in the US market to benefit from quality software and services. It will also allow those companies to have their suppliers closer to their headquarters.

In addition many companies will be able to enter or grow in the Brazilian Market.

Here's a set of videos in Portuguese:

Click here to watch videos in Portuguese related to communication

Here's a set of videos in English:

Click here to watch videos in English about different topics


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